Volunteer with us

Get in touch with me if you want to know more: office@rotcyp.org

Get in touch with me, Annabelle, if you want to know more: office@rotcyp.org or 07557510084

There are two ways volunteers can help with RoTCYP:

  1. On the nights
  2. Administrative duties


Who can volunteer

Leaders: 19 and over

Young Leaders: 16 to 18 year olds


On the night

Our COP leaders will be expected to monitor and engage with the young people, enjoy their time and have fun. Safety is everyone’s business whether young or older. We have therefore created fun zones where young people, young leaders and leaders will work together to create a safe space.

This means that for better relationships within our community we are looking for regular volunteers who can commit to the fortnightly sessions. Ad hoc is okay too but we need a core stable volunteers so the young people can relate to and trust us.


Administrative duties

These duties include promotion, publicity and recruitment; taking the minutes at Management Meetings; fund-raising; liaising with other organisations; and many smaller administrative tasks.


Why you should volunteer

• Build your confidence and make new friends: Volunteering is about sharing new experiences and learning with different people. You can learn new skills that can give you the confidence to face challenges in other areas of your life.
• Help your community:
You are the perfect person to start making a difference to where you live. Volunteering creates a sense of community, improves your area and helps you appreciate your surroundings and neighbours.
• Boost your career options:
A survey carried out by TimeBank through Reed Executive found that 73% of employers would employ a candidate with volunteering experience over one without.
• Have more fun!
And don’t forget that volunteering can be great fun. New people, new surroundings and new experiences all combine to create great times with new friends.


What we can do for you

  • Meet new people, make friends, socialise and have fun.
  • Learn new skills
  • CV reference
  • Safeguarding and First Aid Training
  • Make an impact on the community



If you want to join us, click here and apply!